“I contracted with Dr. Danielle Vaclavik for an impact assessment on a ministry outreach strategy that we piloted through a university ministry department at a large university.  Danielle’s efforts gave us tangible evidence of the strategy’s impact and informed our decision making on resource allocation.  It helped us tell our story of ministry and outreach in a clear and accessible way. Ministry and outreach can be so transformative, yet it is difficult to fully tell the story when there are so many intangibles involved.  Any time we can assess and offer evidence of the tangible impact these efforts have on our community, I consider it a win.  Danielle helped us do that professionally and clearly.  Danielle is well suited for research, assessment, and evaluation of ministry, outreach strategies, community projects, and non-profit organizations.  Danielle helped us understand our story, tell it comprehensively with evidence, and maximize our efforts based on recommendations from what she has illuminated through professional evaluation, assessment, and research.”

– Robert J. Gilmore  MA, MDiv — Associate Dean Mission, Ministry and Service Learning at Aquinas College*

“We asked Dr. Vaclavik to help us analyze a quantitative data set of survey responses from students responding to questions related to our university’s Catholic mission.  We needed someone who possessed both the data analysis skills to break down and organize the data in a way that we could make sense out of it, together with enough sensitivity and appreciation for the religious and spiritual life of students to be able to understand the various possible nuances in student responses.  She was able to provide a meaningful interpretation of this data, as well as provide valuable recommendations for improving our survey in the future and for integrating what we learned into our program planning.”

– Mark Laboe — Associate Vice President for Mission and Ministry, DePaul University*

“We worked with Danielle Vaclavik to create a program evaluation plan for our retreat program. The project involved Danielle coming to a good understanding of our ministry to the homeless community and creating an effective instrument to measure our impact based on her findings.  Not only did we get the information we sought in ways we could understand and integrate into our program, but working with Danielle was a joy.  Her professionalism, sensitivity to our ministry, and collegially manner were all top notch.  We were blessed to have someone with her skill set and commitment to ministry working with us.”

– Thomas D. Drexler — Executive Director for the Ignatian Spirituality Project*

“Dr. Vaclavik provided a valuable needs assessment for our office, Catholic Campus Ministry at DePaul University. We were looking to improve our Catholic Small Groups program, a weekly scripture and fellowship program. We asked Danielle if she would assist us. She put out a comprehensive survey and held focus groups with both group leaders and participants. Her assessment questions were thorough and useful. Her findings provided data and recommendations that helped us improve the way we supported our leaders, attracted new participants, and helped us provide a more meaningful experience for group members. The changes we made because of the assessment greatly increased the quality of our program. The leaders remained strong throughout the next year and felt more supported. In addition, more students signed up and were engaged for the entire year, where we had seen drop off throughout the year in the past. This assessment was invaluable for our program and Danielle’s work exceeded our expectations!”

– Amanda Thompson, MA — Director of Catholic Campus Ministry at DePaul University*

* University and Organization names are for identification purposes only and do not indicate a formal endorsement from that organization as a whole