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 Past Projects

The Telos Project, Office of Vocation & Ministry – Hellenic College Holy Cross, Brookline, MA

I created and implemented a needs assessment as part of the Telos Project’s annual reporting requirements for their Lily Endowment funding. I explored their parishes’ experiences with young adults and their views on the role the parish plays in the faith lives of young adults. I used these findings to develop a baseline picture of young adult ministry at their fourteen pilot parishes. 

Esperanza – Philadelphia, PA

As a member of the MIC Psych Lab at DePaul University, I helped create and implement an outcome evaluation exploring how mentor-mentee dynamics and family involvement in the program influenced education, social competencies, and family dynamic outcomes. We also explored if and how these outcomes were improved by program involvement.

DePaul University’s Office of University Ministry – Chicago, IL

I analyzed institutional data to explore how religious upbringing, parental religious identity, and schooling predicted religious identity and practice in college. I also explored how religious identity influenced interest and engagement with the university’s Vincentian mission.  The final report included behavior and demographic profiles of DePaul’s different religious populations with recommendations on how best to engage students in the university’s Vincentian mission.

DePaul University Catholic Campus Ministry – Chicago, IL

I created and implemented a needs assessment of the spiritual needs of students who participated in Catholic Campus Ministry’s Catholic small group program. The final report included an aggregated summary of current and past participants views of the program as well as task specific recommendations that were included in Catholic Campus Ministry’s annual Student Affairs ministry action plan.

Heartland Health Outreach – Chicago, IL

As a member of the HARC Lab at DePaul University, I created and implemented a social network analysis for a Chicago-based homelessness services coalition run by Heartland Health Outreach.  I mapped the collaboration history of the 60 program representatives within the coalition to assess the collaboration and cohesion of the coalition to identify areas of possible growth for future intervention. The final report included a task-oriented action plan to translate recommendations into future interventions and trainings.

Conference Poster: Are we really filling the gaps? Using social network analysis to measure the impact of efforts to integrate systems accessed by families experiencing homelessness

Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention – Indianapolis, IN

As a member of the HARC Lab at DePaul University, I analyzed a city-level administrative dataset collected over the HPRP program’s 5-year span. The goal was to determine the effectiveness of the intervention considering individual and family demographics and service user engagement of program services.

Article: Predictors of homeless services re-entry within a sample of adults receiving Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) assistance

Connections for the Homeless – Chicago, IL

As a member of the HARC Lab at DePaul University, I helped create a process and outcome evaluation plan for Connections to measure success during their transition from being a shelter-based service to a housing-first and day center service.  We also created volunteer data collection materials for staff to train community volunteers to reduce the evaluation’s impact on case workers’ workloads.

Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP) – Chicago, IL

I created a process and outcome evaluation to explore ISP’s use of religious retreats and Ignatian prayer techniques in the care of individuals experiencing homelessness during a weekend-long spiritual retreat. The evaluation plan’s purpose was twofold: to gather details on what activities were being used during retreats and which aspects of the retreat retreatants responded to most.  These questions aimed to help create a best-practices retreat manual. Secondly, the evaluation measured how the retreat influenced and helped retreatants in their spiritual, sobriety, and housing journeys.

Conference Poster: We are Still Children of God: A Qualitative Analysis of Lessons Learned at a Spiritual Retreat for the Homeless